Start Sprinting towards your new love life!

I was tired of abnormally terminating dates. I’m so glad I signed up with ScrumMasterLove. It walked me through writing user stories for a successful relationship, and I’ve never been happier than I am with Amanda.

Susanne, Product Owner

ScrumMasterLove helped me create a Dating Backlog of viable dates. I planned that work across three sprints and have found my Scrum Mate.

Max, Scrum Master
Our system

Get Out of the Backlog With Our Unique System

Stop swiping left or right endlessly and let our unique algorithm find you a match that ends in a successful sprint. It’s been coded by a team working in one-week sprints with a solid definition of done, doing test-driven development, pair programming and continuously deployed. And the Scrum Master is certified. That means you know you can trust the results.

All you need to do is answer a few simple questions. How long are your sprints? (If you prefer four-week sprints we won’t match you with someone doing three-week sprints since you’d only be able to enjoy a long weekend away together every twelve weeks.) Do you participate in your team’s daily scrums? Do you call it a commitment or a forecast? Do you draw burnup or burndown charts?